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5 Advantages for Townhome Living in Greenville SC

Greenville townhomes make the perfect abode for people at all different stages of life. Whether you are trying to downsize to a low-maintenance living situation, or just not quite ready for the responsibilities that come with a single-family home, townhomes offer many great advantages.

A Variety of Amenities 

Living in a townhome often means you are also gaining access to all the community’s amenities. Usually, a townhome community offers things you would not either be able to afford or have access to when buying a single-family home. Common townhome amenities include a clubhouse, fitness center, lounge pool, or a dog park. These features are usually covered by HOA fees but require no additional payments or personal maintenance.
Host, entertain, and enjoy these amenities the same way you would in your own house. Townhome amenities included in the community to maximize your convenience and encourage socialization amongst your neighbors.

Proximity to Downtown Living 

Townhomes are typically located within walking distance to the best spots in town. If you are looking to be near restaurants, stores, schools, or community centers, townhome living often offers convenience perks. Additionally, you will still get the feel of city-living while also maintaining enough distance out of the city-center. 
In Greenville, our latest townhome development, The Sinclair, is perfectly located a short walk away from the community’s best parks, dining options, and shops. With things like The Commons, Falls Park, Greenville Saturday Market, Peace Center all so close, the opportunities for fun are endless. 

A Sense of Community and Security

A sense of community and gathering is inevitable in a townhome development. Townhomes are designed for people to live close in proximity with their neighbors which will naturally create opportunities for interactions. With most spaces shared, you will easily meet neighbors and it will provide an added sense of security knowing there are others around. 
Privacy though, does not need to be sacrificed. Even with the close-knit community feel, everyone still has plenty of personal space. For those looking to live in a townhome in Greenville, South Carolina, you can be sure to feel a strong sense of community wherever you go, as the town itself already provides a very tight-knit feel. 

Minimal Maintenance Needs

Weekend chores are seemingly never-ending when you are responsible for a single-family home. Whether you take care of all the outside and indoor maintenance yourself or hire someone to do it for you, ensuring things get done means extra time and energy from you. Living in a townhome often means residents pay dues towards their Home Owners Association (HOA) which takes care of townhome maintenance. Specifically, these dues typically cover lawn or external maintenance, pest control, trash services, HVAC inspections, and amenity upkeep. 
Living in a townhome allows you to get valuable time back. Your weekends should be exploring all that Greenville has to offer instead of property maintenance.. Make the switch to maintenance-free living and let the experts take care of the lawn, gutter cleanings, or external repairs.

Affordability and Value for Money 

Townhomes are typically less expensive than a single-family home even though they provide very comparable features. Aside from being cheaper, they often have lower property taxes due to their smaller size. Purchasing a townhome is also a great way to transition into the home buying experience. As you move away from renting, you can start building up equity and gaining tax benefits. 
If you are looking to buy your first home but not quite ready for the commitment that comes with a single-family house, a townhome provides you the same benefits of being a homeowner but with fewer strings attached. Townhome living in Greenville, South Carolina comes with many benefits. Our Greenville experts can help you find the perfect townhome community to call home. Contact our real estate experts to find the perfect townhome for you.

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