🌸 Springtime Love: Donate and Make a Difference!

🌸 Springtime Love: Donate and Make a Difference!

🌸Spring has sprung, and with it comes the perfect opportunity to freshen up our homes and our hearts. As we embark on our seasonal cleaning sprees, let's not forget the power of passing on love through our pre-loved items. Your donations can truly make a difference in our local community, fostering positive growth and spreading kindness far and wide.

Here's a handy list of addresses and organizations eagerly awaiting your generous contributions:

Goodwill Industries:

  • 2550 N. Pleasantburg Drive
  • 115 Haywood Road
  • 3214 B Augusta Rd
  • 3715 E. North Street
  • 555 W Butler Rd
  • 6700 White Horse Rd

Miracle Hill:

  • 701 Pete Hollis Blvd.
  • 494 S. Pleasantburg Dr.
  • 2419 Wade Hampton Blvd.
  • 3715 E. North Street
  • 575 W. Washington St.
  • 11 Regency Hill Dr.

The Salvation Army:

  • 2402 E. North St.
  • 5152 Wade Hampton Blvd.

Habitat for Humanity:

  • 3033 Wade Hampton Blvd
  • 1818 Woodruff Rd

By donating to these wonderful organizations, you're not just clearing out clutter—you're contributing to the betterment of your community. So, let's embrace the spirit of spring by spreading love and giving back. Together, we can make a difference! 🌼 #SpringCleaning #DonateForGood #SpreadLove

Remember, every little bit helps, and your kindness echoes far beyond the confines of your home. Happy donating! 🌷

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