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The Commons Business Spotlight: Billiam Jeans

Greenville, South Carolina, is quickly becoming a hotspot for up-and-coming businesses looking to flourish in commercial spaces and service diverse crowds. There are endless opportunities to continually be inspired by companies like Billiam Jeans, a custom clothing business located in Encore Realty’s beloved commercial space, The Commons. Billiam Jeans’ success is encouraging for all creators looking to carve out a space uniquely their own.

The Man Behind Billiam Jeans

With a unique skill set and passion for finely tailored clothes, Bill Mitchell, founder of Billiam Jeans, created a standout fashion line within Greenville. While still in college, Mitchell started with his mother’s sewing machine, a basement, and multiple requests from friends to upgrade their style. In the year following graduation from Clemson University, he decided to take this hobby and turn it into a business, buying more used sewing machines and teaching himself the patterns that would eventually become the basic building blocks for the company. 
Early into the start of Billiam Jeans, the Greenville News ran a story on Mitchell’s custom jean business, opening the company to a new audience and ultimately setting the pace for its future success. As popularity and demand grew, Mitchell learned more about the manufacturing industry, while investing in processes and automation that added value and cut production time. He began selling in-store and online, also partnering with boutiques throughout the UK, making Billiam Jeans an international sensation. 
With its main store located in The Commons, Billiam Jeans appeals to all those who pass through valuing style, originality, and a well-fitted pair of jeans. 

The Space Behind Billiam Jeans 

Located in Encore Realty’s commercial space, The Commons, Billiam Jeans welcomes all those out for a stroll, on a shopping trip, or are visiting for some weekend entertainment. 
At The Commons, people are welcome to enjoy downtown Greenville in a more relaxed environment. They make the space whatever they want it to be. With the addition of a large and lively food hall with plenty of indoor and outdoor seating and direct access to The Swamp Rabbit Trail, The Commons brings in people with a large variety of interests. 
Billiam Jeans boasts a certain aesthetic, targeting a modern, fashion-forward audience looking to elevate their style with unique custom jeans. 

The Denim Behind Billiam Jeans

Aside from the company’s unique beginning, the denim makes Billiam a standout amongst other clothing manufacturers. Every pair of jeans is made in Greenville, SC and the denim is sourced from the Cone Mills White Oak Plant in Greensboro, North Carolina. They also use some fabrics from selvage denim mills in Japan. Selvage denim adds uniqueness to the jeans as it is woven on antique looms creating a studier product that can withstand wear and tear longer than traditional denim. All the products used in a pair of Billiam Jeans are meant to conform to your body over time, creating a better fit after each wear. The more wear and wash the jeans receive, the more custom they become while keeping their tailored fit. 

The Future of Billiam Jeans

What’s next for this well-loved, custom jean shop in Greenville, SC? Just like many other local businesses, Billiam Jeans was forced to close its doors during the pandemic, just three months after moving into The Commons. During this time, Mitchell began experimenting with new processes, styles, and creations. Almost 2 years later, they have reopened their doors for all to come and shop their custom-made creations. 
At the start of 2022, he announced the renovation of Billiam Jeans into a tech-forward custom clothing company, moving away from the textile industry that has ruled the fashion world for so long. He plans on making this change by existing in the intersection of liberal arts and technology while investing in tech that will continue to revolutionize the creation of custom pieces. Success stories like Billiam Jeans inspire those ready to take their unique skills to the next level. Turn your basement-based business into a storefront for all to visit and place your trust in the experts of Greenville real estate to get you there. Contact Encore Realty for more information on how to make your real estate dreams a reality.

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